So what’s this all about then?

Essentially it’s an opportunity to see food-related films on the big screen, while enjoying thematically relevant food. Think When Harry Met Sally screened in a deli with beautiful deli sandwiches (you can have what she’s having), or Goodfellas in an Italian with spaghetti and meatballs (razor blade garlic slicing optional). We won’t just go for clichéd “eat what they eat” options either. Sometimes the perfect marriage of film and food is about finding the food that best complements the film, whether it’s cultural, atmospheric, or just plain makes sense.

It’s all about getting all five senses tingling – visual and aural with the film, and the olfactory, gustatory, and tactile with the food. (Look at me with my fancy schmancy words. – Ed.)

WHAT’s with the name?

We’re all about food and films here at Cannoli & Gun. So we’ve chosen a name that covers both. It’s a direct reference to a classic scene in The Godfather. Check it out below.

What sort of food will be served?

Just as there is huge variety in the films we can show, so the food will be wildly different each time. It really does depend on the film being shown, but there’ll essentially be a few levels depending on how much food is being served – snack, meal, etc. This difference will be reflected in the ticket price.

Will there be a vegetarian option?

While the food related to a particular film may not be vegetarian, we will always ensure a vegetarian option is available where the restaurant allows.

Will your events be family friendly?

Yes and no. The events will be led by the BBFC certification of the film being shown. Some will definitely be family friendly; some will be decidedly not!

How can we keep up to date with new events?

We’ll be most active on Twitter, and we’ll keep Facebook updated too. Make sure you’ve followed and liked – the links are on the right.

What if we don’t want to eat?

At the moment the event is a film and food combination, and the ticket is for the event as a whole, which means you get a great deal on the food, and a film thrown in for good measure too.