Enjoy a tasty burger and fries with our screening of the iconic Pulp Fiction on Monday 22 June, at Chomp Grill, purveyors of burgers that are even tastier than Big Kahuna Burger. 

Firstly, we promise, we’re not going to screen a Tarantino film every other month. But, when the opportunity arose to screen Pulp Fiction at the best burger bar in Bristol, we’d have been crazy not to jump at the chance. And we’re not crazy. Usually.

Little needs to be said about Pulp Fiction. It’s 21 years old, and yet it’s a timeless classic. Riddled with as many memorable lines of dialogue as there are bullets, Pulp Fiction bounces around with the narrative, and takes us on an often amusing, often violent journey with an array of criminals as they battle with each other, with existential concerns, with how to get blood out of car seats, and discuss the finer points of European fast food.

Tarantino is a gourmet film-maker. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his passion for cinema. And he seems to have a passion for food and drink on film too. There are many foodie references on Pulp Fiction, but we couldn’t serve anything other than our very own Big Kahuna Burger.

Enter Chomp Grill. Their restaurant on St Nicholas Street opened at the end of last year, having previously operated out of a stylish food truck. Their bacon rolls, served on a Friday morning, are the best you’ll eat in Bristol. But it’s their burgers that keep me coming back time and again.

Included in your ticket price, you get the house classic burger with all the trimmings, and a portion of fries and slaw as well. And, because Chomp is a fine establishment they also have other foods available to buy, as well as some excellent beers by Wiper & True, including their own Chomp House Brew, only available at Chomp!

Head on over to the link below to grab your tickets before they all go.

When: 8.00pm, Monday, 22 June, 2015

Where: Chomp Grill, 10 Saint Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1UQ

Tickets: SOLD OUT – price includes entry, the house classic burger, and a side of fries.
A very small number may be released at a later date. Keep an eye on social media in case this happens.



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