It’s nearly Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate, Cannoli & Gun is heading south of the border, down Mexico way. We’re teaming up with Casa Mexicana in Redland to bring you an evening of Mexican delights, with the final part of Robert Rodriguez’s low-down and dirty Mexico Trilogy, Once Upon A Time in Mexico, and delicious Puerco Pibil.

In 1992 a young would-be filmmaker decided to make a feature film. To raise the money he subjected himself to isolated medical experimentation during which time he wrote the script. The film that emerged from the (unharmed) director was El Mariachi, an ultra low-budget film where a musician is mistaken for a murderer.

Four years later Robert Rodriguez had made the successful From Dusk Til Dawn, written by Quentin Tarantino, and was in a position to make a big budget sequel-cum-remake with the then-megastar Antonio Banderas. Desperado (1996) enjoyed success as a brainless actioner, and paved the way for the third and final in the trilogy, the expansively-titled Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

Throughout the film Sands, played by Johnny Depp, enthuses about a specific Mexican dish – puerco pibil, a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Península of Mayan origin.  He eats it in every establishment he frequents. And, now, so can you. The wonderful people at Casa Mexicana in Redland are serving up two courses. A Jalapeño relleno starter, and puerco pibil for the main. (A vegetarian option of Tostada is available on request.)

Come and enjoy a Mexican celebration in the week of Cinco de Mayo!

When: Doors open 7pm, food from 7.30pm, film at 8.15pm

Where: Casa Mexicana, Redland

Tickets: £23 (£25 on the door)
Tickets include:
Entry to the film
Starter – Jalapeño Relleno
Main – Puerco Pibil (or Tostada for vegetarians)


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