Bristol! A Middle Eastern Mezze Feast awaits with Disney’s classic 90s film Aladdin, at Falafel King’s Khan Cavern, for Cannoli & Gun’s fifth event.

In August, we are taking a  trip back in time,and a trip across the water, to a time and place of myth and legend.

In the early 1990s, Disney was floundering. But with a few new big hitters, it was starting to reclaim its rightful place at the head of animation. With The Little  Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast Disney had begun its reclamation, but with Aladdin, Disney truly won its crown once again. With its tale of love and derring do, twinned with a fish out of water and fantastic secondary characters – including the late Robin Williams – Aladdin was Disney’s great comeback story.

And we’re celebrating that story by screening it while serving, courtesy of the fantastically talented people at Falafel King in Cotham Hill, with a Middle Eastern mezze feast. Falafel (obviously), cous cous, pitta chips, houmous, Morrocan pastry cigars (not the sort you smoke!), dips, and a host of other delicious Middle Eastern flavours will transport you to the time and place inhabited by Aladdin and Jasmine. They will complement the viewing and will enhance the enjoyment thereof, along with delicious drinks on top of the menu, as well as a shisha garden out the back for some post-cinematic enjoyment.

Come, watch, eat, enjoy – and why not dress up in character and make it a night to remember!

The Khan Cavern, Falafel King. Photo courtesy of Grace Fox, Girl in Bristol

The Khan Cavern, Falafel King. Photo courtesy of Girl in Bristol

When: 8.00pm, Friday 21 August, 2015

Where: The Khan Cavern, Falafel King, Cotham Hill, Bristol, BS6 6LF

Tickets: SOLD OUT £14 (£16 on the door) price includes entry, as well as the Middle Eastern mezze feast, which is served buffet-style.


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