SOLD OUT: INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (2009) – Friday 24 April, Stock Exchange Bakery

Join Cannoli & Gun for our inaugural food and film event with a screening of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds! Every ticket includes a generous portion of apple strudel & cream, and a glass of ice cold milk at Bristol’s very own Stock Exchange Bakery.

In 2009 Tarantino burst back into high quality film-making after the lacklustre Death Proof  with the world war two re-imagined drama, Inglorious Basterds. Starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Melanie Laurent, and a host of other bit part cameos, it sees an alternative view of the war playing out, in which cinema has a vital role to play in victory.

It also has not one but two scenes that are what we at Cannoli & Gun are all  about: film and food. Colonel Hans Landa (Waltz) has a fondness for two things: really good strudel and a nice cold glass of milk.

Which is excellent, because the really good people at the Stock Exchange Bakery are also really good at making really good strudel.

It’s amazing it has taken so long to put film and food together. But that’s what we’re doing. Watch the film; eat the food; enjoy the night.

A great film. A generous portion of strudel and cream. A glass of milk*.

Bristol has so many amazing places to eat, and it has a growing film community. Get the best of both worlds with this inaugural screening of Cannoli & Gun.

When: 8.00pm, Friday 24 April, 2015

Where: The Stock Exchange Bakery, St Nicholas Street, BS1 1TG

Tickets: SOLD OUT – Keep an eye on Wriggle for a limited deal on Friday morning £10 in advance (£12 on the door) – price includes entry and one generous portion of freshly made apple strudel, cream, and a glass of milk*.

NB: Inglourious Basterds is a certificate 18 rated film: please be aware of this when ordering your tickets. Those under 18 will not be admitted. If you get asked for ID at the screening, then it’s because you still look devastatingly young, you lucky, lucky thing.

About us

Cannoli & Gun. That’s a weird name.

If you get the reference, you get special internet points and a warm sense of nerdy satisfaction. For those who are scratching your heads, it’s fine. It’s an obscure reference to this classic scene in The Godfather.

Also, it sounds kind of cool. Cannoli & Gun. Well, we think so anyway.

So, that’s it. Keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be most active. We have some exciting plans coming up: veritable feasts for your senses.


[*Other drinks are available.]


2 thoughts on “SOLD OUT: INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (2009) – Friday 24 April, Stock Exchange Bakery

  1. Timlah says:

    Very cool! I’ll let the members of the GeekOut social group know about this upcoming screening. Best of luck! 🙂


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